Quadcopter Photo examples and tips

One of the biggest thrills for flying a Quadcopter is photography.  You can get fabulous shots of scenery, and angles on your subject that are impossible from any perspective on the ground.

One of the most beautiful series of images i have seen is from Amos Chapple, published in Business Insider.

Here is Eric Sterman’s viral video of surfing the Pipeline in Hawaii, a stunning video that can only be captured with a drone!

These are videos that took practice, timing, and a lot of patience to create.  some video’s cannot be viewed in real-time, and must be edited post-creation, prior to finish or publication.  Many of these Drone photographers have interviews where they talk about their perspective, the quadcopters they use (many use DJI Phantoms, like Chapple, but some others are really good).  Most Drone artists are always looking for better drones, unique lighting  (sunrise/sunset) and really good subject matter.

I hope you will adventure into drone photography and have great success creating classy and spectacular images that are inspirational and well received.

Here is a post from B&H, demonstrating how some awesome video shots are developed and created:


Before I close this post, please consider that Quadcopter and Drone photography can be a violation of others privacy and may be illegal in some cases.  Note this article titled “Attack on the Drones!” from Videomaker.com.

Remember to fly safe, edit your photos and videos for privacy, possible legal issues, and always ask “is this awesome?  or just a vanity shoot?”

Happy Flying!