Welcome to Quadcopter Care! #1 for UAV and Drone Owners!

Welcome to Quadcoptercare.com! 

Whether you are a novice or a professional, I hope you will get value and good advice from this site.  My team is always ready to improve your experience with valuable commentary, suggestions, vendors, and resources on Owning, maintaining, and flying Quadcopters, UAV’s , and Drones.

We have pages on min-Quads – an excellent place for new users to start – mid-range, and professional Quadcopters!

Since flying Quads can get pricey, newbies would do well to start with the mini’s, for their low cost of entry.  While some consider these toys, the same flight controls and dynamics apply – letting you learn in a safe environment on a smaller scale.

Once you get really good at flying, you can graduate to the mid-range Quads.  These are larger, with longer flight duration, and either come with cameras, or can be adapted to GoPro and similar capture devices.  Quads have many uses, and are very stable; I have seen a user “rescue” his radio control boat with a quad that had a hook on it. (Sure beats paddling out to a stranded R/C boat).

Professionals use the larger and more expensive Quadcopters.  These have more elaborate mounts for cameras, longer flight times, and many upgrades and options for batteries, rotors, and spare parts.  In addition, commercial users should file an FAA form 333, to conform to the law, and fly responsibly.

Drones have been in the public eye for years, and now are becoming mainstream for business, recreation, and uses that we have not even imagined yet!

Please take the time to browse around, leave constructive comments and feel free to contact us with any concern!

Safe and Fun Flying,

Alan Chenkin



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