Mid-Range Quadrocopters and Drones

Mid-range Quadrocopters move out of the “Toy” category and become more versatile!

  • Larger, sturdier construction
  • Greater range
  • More payload capacity
  • Longer battery life – more airtime
  • Better mounts for cameras, with stabilization and flexibility
  • GPS built-in, with “return home if signal lost” capabilty
  • More upgrades; carbon fiber skins, rotors, batteries, etc.

Many companies are developing units in this price range with features of the larger quads; as technology improves, we can expect more range,  better accessories (Think infa-red cameras, lifting attachments, “follow me” functionality, etc.).

If you are graduating from the smaller drones, you will love these larger and more powerful flying machines.

I have links to several machines in this category, feel free to click on them and read the reviews and comments from the owners.

Holly Stone 4K GPS Drone

Midrange Drones and Quads on Amazon.com

Midrange Drones and Quads on eBay.com

Drone case
Drone and accessory carrying case available on eBay

You may also need a Drone Carrying case! from Amazon, or eBay!


Force1 Drones with Camera – “UDI U818A Discovery” WiFi FPV Drone with Camera Live Video 720p HD Camera Drone w/ VR Headset + Bonus Battery + Power Bank

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