Mini Drones

Mini Drones are the best way to learn about Quadcopters!


First, They are small and fly just like their larger brothers.  Quadcopters are a stable flight platform (more stable than small helicopters) and have radio controls for flying!  because they are small and light, and don’t get into commercial airspace, they are more like toy aircraft than larger Drones.

Secondly, if you crash your mini drone, it is not a financially painful event – larger drones can cost thousands of dollars!  Even mid size Quadcopters can cost upwards of $200 to $500 dollars!  This is why I heartily endorse using small drones to learn on.

I have several ads for small drones on this page, feel free to look at them and look at any reviews before you buy your first Quadcopter!

Mini Drones on! 

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