Quadcopter Parts and Supplies

I used to work with a Helicopter Pilot, and he used to get friendly jibes from Pilots who flew planes, telling him he was flying a “rock with a propeller on it”.   they were implying that if anything happened to the propeller, he was going in for a very hard landing!  With Quadcopters, we have an ultralight rock with four propellers (Rotors).  Sadly, even stable flight platforms like Quadcopters are capable of crashing, hard landings, fickle winds pushing your Quad around, and catastrophic power loss.   DO NOT DESPAIR!  Help is here, and we have links to Spare rotors, batteries, and skins!  If you are doing a lot of flying, consider a spare Quadcopter so you always have a “flight-ready” unit.

Consider the following parts and supplies!




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